Davidoff Yamasa 2016

As with any cigar branded “Davidoff,” the quality of the constitution is readily evident. The complexity of aromas is also expected. The cold draw draw adds only a sweetness to the complexity.

Very pleasant aromas toasting the foot, and once the gassiness had been blown out, the initial flavors are very intriguing with a mix of nut and cooking spices on a solid tobacco base.

Playing along tonight is yet another Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout. Sometimes I frivolously wonder if my cigar reviews keep the brewery in Tadcaster in business.

A pronounced sweetness on the lips is a perfect match for the chocolate of the beer as the characteristics of the cigar develop.

This cigar is what a Davidoff should be. In the past, the regular Davidoff lines were about as exciting as Macanudo Hyde Parks. Not at all a bad cigar, but certainly nothing adventurous.

The ash is a bit flaky but does not immediately drop off when the cigar is set in the ashtray.

The cocoa notes of the beer add to the already pleasant sweetness of the cigar. Bountiful amounts of smoke add to the overall enjoyment.

Old Cuban Davidoffs aside, this the best Davidoff I have ever smoked. The complexity of finely aged tobacco with nuanced of cinnamon and nutmeg keep it so interesting that I will regret finishing it.

I generally bypass the Davidoffs in favor of the Camachos and Avos, but I now have a reason to pause at the flagship cigars. Only an unreasonable price point would move me along, and even then I occasionally splurge price wise, and this will be among my splurge choices.

At half-way, the cigar continues to improve. Known as I am for smoking too fast, I have had to slow down and have been justly rewarded for doing so.

A slight crack in the wrapper has developed, but I anticipate no problems from it.

I can honestly say that I have been less than enthusiastic about the Davidoff brand in the past; this cigar changes everything. I give it a hearty 90. Joe Bob says Check It Out!

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