Current Favorite Cigars

First, If I have given you a high rating on one of my reviews, please know that it was very hard to leave them off of this list. That Said, and in no particular order;

Dumbarton and Trust Sobramesa Short Churchill

What Steve Saka has created may not be for everyone, but it is definitely for me. A great morning cigar with coffee that provides a great kick off to the day.

Rafael Nodal’s Solera.

There was absolutely nothing I could find wrong with this cigar as it provided complete enjoyment from cut to put-down. A true masterpiece.

Edgar Hoill Travesio Pyramid.

If you have not tried this cigar and enjoy smooth yet full bodied cigars, get the to a tobacconist and pick up at least two because one will now be enough.

Room 101 Big Payback

I smoked the 6×60 hueso and could have not been more pleased with the result.  A maduro/oscuro that gives you more than you pay for in quality and flavor.

Crowned Heads Las Mareas and La Caremea

To separate these would be an injustice. Crowned heads is one if the premier boutique brands on the market. I will also include the Jericho Hill line (especially the lanceroos) as one of the finest cigars on the market today.

Foundry Falling Star

Michael Gianini is one of the true geniuses of the cigar world today, and this collaboration with AJ Fernandez will not let you down.

Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut

Yes, this is the second time I have mentioned a Room 101, a Davidoff product, with good reason. One of the most complex and satisfying cigars out there today. And I expect that my upcoming review of their replacement, Big Chief Cool Arrow will have the same complexities ans the Tobacconaut.

Camacho American Barrell Aged

I will finish this “master” list with a cigar that debuted in 2015 and has avarything I could possibly think you would want in a cigar. The complexity is legendary.

Perdomo Habano sungrown

The Perdomo Habano wrapper were always on the top of my list when I went to the shop to bet a handful or cigars. His re-blend has just that something extra that stands out in my mind.

Now to my list of “could have made it” cigars. The Tabernacle blended by Nick-R-Agua, The Balmoral Anejo from Michael Herklots, Rafael Nodal Oliveros reboot. USA Distributions’d Hidden Treasure,  Karen Berger’s awesome continuation of her late Husbands’ Don Kiki line, absolutely anything in the PDR Catalog, La Serino’s new premiums…and I am sure I am forgetting too many that were good enough to make the list.

If I missed you (like I see I did with Fratello Boxer, the new Nestor Mirandao Line, Ventura, and anyone else I missed, I can honestly say that this was the absolute best IPCPR my wife and I have ever attended, and look forward to seeing you all again; probably not Next year because we hate Lad Vegas in July.

Best to all, and PLEASE bring IPCPR back to San Antonio…

To Steve Saka and all the other vendors we will be at C.A.T.S Fest next year in San Antonio. And if you come through San Antonio with a new release like the recent Black Diamond and Black Trading Label Company, please give me a heads-up so I can schedule and interview. (I still want to know how much Omar de Frias weighs….

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