Getting older

Not talking about me (although I am); today I was digging through my stash of cigars and found some Bolivar Coronas Extra with a box stamp that basically translates to 4/99. That’s almost 18 years old. These cigars could vote in April…

Boli CE are known for their deep strength and multitude of flavors. After all this time, the strength hasn’t mellowed any, and the flavors have intermingled to present one of the most well-rounded cigars I have smoked in recent years.

These cigars are excellent when they are fresh, if a little harsh. The harshness has completely gone now. I did have some slight issues with the wrapper being fairly delicate, but simply smoking easy solved most of those issues.

The draw was tighter than I am accustomed to (having smoked mainly “domestic” (aka, legal in the US) cigars lately. but the work was worth the reward. A fine example of complexity and strength was my reward.

Jealous? You might well be, but I imagine (know) that there are aficionados with older and better cigars than I, so start your own aging section in your humidor (or get another that is dedicated to aging) and you will be rewarded as well.

To paraphrase Walter Brennan from “The Real McCoys,” it’s not bragging if it’s true.

Thanks to everyone who reads and enjoys my ramblings.

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