Where do you get your cigars?

It has recently come to my attention that the graveyard where boom cigars went to die (aka CigarBid) is once a gain a useful tool, just so long as you don’t get caught up in a “bid frenzy” and end up paying more than retail.

Also, there are at least two vendors who feature a “make me an offer” page where you can get a decent bargain by following a few simple steps. First, of course, is lowball your first offer (no more than 50% of MSRP). Sometimes it actually works, but mostly I use it as a gauging point for how “close” I am to what they will accept. I know some who swear by the 80% of vendor price rule, but I have gotten away cheaper.

What if you absolutely positively have to have it immediately? Go to your B&M. If you don’t have a nearby B&M (aka Brick and Mortar shop), do some online price compareison and then grit your teeth and order them at asking price. Make sure to figure discounted shipping offers into the final price you pay.

Good hunting, smooth draws and use the comment section if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see addressed.

3 thoughts on “Where do you get your cigars?”

  1. I’ve had my best luck with little known brands that I get little to no competition on the auction sites. For example, JDN had their clasico line which were fabulous cigars, but didn’t sell well. Virtually no one bid on these boxes. For over a year, I was able to get boxes of 25 for about a buck a stick. They became my daily go to cigars. Eventually they ran out of stock and I had to find another bargain.


  2. I regularly order from one of the “make me an offer” sites…. they recently messed up an order , I kept the shipment as they were smokes I like anyway , got them $20 cheaper than if I had ordered the ones they shipped me… They gave me a discount on a box of what I wanted originally ,that discount was at 73% of the listed price… I suspect that is close to what your bid will be accepted… no real idea , just a hunch…


    1. MSRP is high, just like in all retail. Knock off 15% or so for what I would consider “competitive retail.” Then knock off another 20-30% for MMO sites. for the Auction sites, just watch close and you can come away with a steal. i got a box of OSOK Desmadrosos for 50% of “going retail,” which was about 15% lower than MSRP.


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