Perdomo Texas Edition Robusto

When I first saw this cigar I just knew that I would have to review it, not only because I adore Perdomos, but because I am from Texas dammit!

A bit rustic wrapper with one prominent vein. Not a deal breaker so let’s see how it smokes. A mildly spicy wrapper and a mild aroma from the foot with a perfect bunch.
A perfect draw after a very clean clip.

A very clean draw with a sort of pecan flavor accentuating a medium to full tobacco note. This cigar is aptly named as it evokes the Texas notes of pecan, oak and mesquite. Nick obviously knows the nuances of Texas. There is also hints of red pepper and the nuances of tacos and tamales in the smoke.

If I didn’t know better I might think Nick was a San Antonio native from all of the flavors I grew up with. As it is, I would have to say that Nick spent a good time in San Antonio experiencing the various and wonderful tastes and aromas here.

As for the cigar itself it burns perfectly with a nice conical burn indicative of a perfectly constructed cigar.

I would like to invite Nick to enjoy a great Mexican dinner here in San Antonio so he could experience what an excellent job he did in capturing the Texas experience he captured in this cigar. Nick, you have an open invitation to join me for a truly amazing dinner in the Alamo City to see what an excellent job you did in capturing the essence of San Antonio in your Texas Edition cigar.

In fla wl construction, perfect complexity and perfect burn you have captured Texas and all it stands for. Please join me for an authentic Texas dinner.

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