Archives incoming

A friend wanted to know if there was a place where I had all of my cigar articles archived. As a matter of fact, I did not, so I am going to do it here.

The first post will be reviews/articles from 2015, when I first started getting “serious” about writing these. The second will be 2016 before IPCPR, another for post IPCPR2016, and I will add one for the first half of 2017 right before we leave for IPCPR2017. You will notice, if you read through all four, that my style evolves and expands over time. Then again, no one goes from crawling to running a race.

One other thing; if you are concerned about how many of the cigars I review get high scores, remember that most of them come from the vendors, who will naturally give me something they believe to be a superior product. Besides, as Tommy always says, I keep the best ones for myself…


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