Macanudo Fumas

At the opening dinner, Macanudo Inspirado provided capa, binder and tripa fumas. This is the first time I have seen this presentation, a chance to experience the tobacco that goes into a cigar by itself. I am intrigued.

The most intriguing to me will be the binder tobacco although I started with a capa (wrapper) from the maduro cigar. To say that it’s where the majority of the flavors come from would be an understatement unless are smoking a very large ring guage in which the majority of the flavor will come from the filler, or tripa.

I have smoked cigars where the capa, binder and tripa are all the tobaccos are the same and it makes for a one- dimensional that makes for a very bland cigar.

As I Smoke the capa I can see  how it influences the ovall flavor of the cigar. Due to the rolling of thickness, the cigar gets very hot and has to be put down to avoiding burning your lips and fingers.

Moving on to the binder, I can see how it provides a much smoother element to the cigar. A very smooth and pleasant experience. It is the “glue ” that holds the capa and tripa and provides the smoothness to the cigar. This is the part of the cigar that provides balance to the cigar.

There are some pepper notes that stand out in the binder that add pleasant complexity to the flavor notes of the cigar. An overall smoothness is definitely present in any cigar that generally come from the binder.

And now to the tripa, or filler of the cigar. Other than the capa, this is where the bulk of the flavor of the cigar comes from.

The tripa starts off sweet. This particular tripa has very little lijero and thus is very smooth. It has very nice notes of cinnamon and leather with an undercurrent of of nuts. There is also an undercurrent of cedar.

If you have the opportunity to smoke fumas, you can further understand how the tobacco is blended and will give you a better understanding of what you are smoking. Highly recommend for the serious cigar smoker.

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