The T Robusto: A Collaboration and a Success

This cigar is a collaboration from Matt Booth, AJ Fernandez and Robert Caldwell. It is box pressed with a smooth dark wrapper. Notes of coffee are notable in the foot. The bunch is firm. The cold draw is perfect. Today’s beverage is a Real Ale Commissar Russian Imperial Stout.


The initial flavors are strong espresso and cinnamon with moderate black pepper in the retrohale. This is a very full bodied smoke. The burn is very even and the ash is light grey.

The first third is very smooth and pleasant. Cedar notes and an underlying hint of leather have blended into the flavors. The burn continues to be very even and the ash is solid. I tapped the ash at one inch to avoid it dropping in my lap. The roasted barley and hoppiness of the ale make for an exceptional pairing.

During the second third the bliss continues. It’s amazing how smooth a cigar this full bodied can be. The pepper in the retrohale has gone from moderate to subtle. The flavors are perfect, blending together so well that they are difficult to separate. The burn remains perfect and the ash solid.

Approaching the final inch the burn is still perfect, the flavors remain divine and the smoke is very smooth. The construction is flawless and the complexity superb. 9.8/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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