Montecristo Pepe Mendez Pilotico Toro

This cigar has a very smooth wrapper and a medium bunch. The foot gives off aromas of cocoa and coffee. The cold draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a Lorelei Brewing Merdude Russian Imperial Coffee Milk Stout.

Montecristo released several lines in 2017 with famous blenders; the AJ Fernandez blend, the Crowned Heads Music City blend and this Pilotico blend with Pepe Mendez. Going in I knew that the tobacco was specially blended, so I knew not to expect the “same old” Montecristo flavor. And I was not wrong. While a medium bodied cigar, there are unusual flavor notes in the smoke. A very dark cocoa is predominant at first with a bit of cedar and coffee in the background. The cigar is burning very evenly with a mottled ash. The ale is already proving to be a perfect match for this cigar.

In the first third a distinct vanilla note comes out in the very smooth flavor profile. The mottled grey ash is solid through the first inch. The burn remains very even.

This is a beautifully medium bodied blend with excellent flavors, much moreso than I have come to expect from Altadis Montecristos. I applaud their willingness to invite guest blenders that are definitely changing my perception of the Montecristo brand.

During the second third the cigar remains very smooth, along side the Cuban Monte 2, just not with the flavor of Cuban tobacco. As many fake Monte 2s on the market, this is a very viable alternative. Even burn and a fairly solid ash add to the perception. Some light cinnamon notes have crept into the already excellent flavor profile.

This is an excellent cigar, much more than I expected given my experience with Altadis Montecristos. I really think that Altadis gets the boutique vibe now, also absorbing Aging Room to their lineup.

Approaching the final inch the cigar remains smooth and pleasant. Plentiful smoke from the perfect construction and a very pleasant complexity really make this a top-notch cigar 95.

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