Gary Sinise Launches Mental Health Network For Veterans, First Responders

Source: Forbes

On Tuesday, actor and humanitarian Gary Sinise launched The Gary Sinise Foundation Avalon Network.

The new nationwide network will provide care to veterans and first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress and TBI (traumatic brain injury). Avalon will establish 20 treatment sites around the country to serve thousands of veterans, first responders, and their families.

According to The Gary Sinise Foundation, “The idea (for the Avalon Network) originated from leading philanthropists Bernie Marcus and Arthur M. Blank, the co-founders of The Home Depot. This is the first time that Bernie and Arthur have partnered together on an effort of this magnitude and scale since founding the Home Depot in 1978.

“Bernie and Arthur have both invested $20 million from their personal foundations and have found a notable partner in actor Gary Sinise to scale the idea nationally, and provide transformative care to veterans and first responders with TBI and post-traumatic stress.”

One thought on “Gary Sinise Launches Mental Health Network For Veterans, First Responders”

  1. Lets Start by telling the Soldiers sent to Afghan Iraq War 2004-07 the MOD Data Breach at Centricom Iraq Field Records are missing or destroyed since then our Veteran survivors the ones who did not come home in a Coffin (RIP) have no Deployment Field Record in their armed service Record – Its Missing a Timeline. I walked 12 years with Mental Battle Government Cover up the MOD War Survivors they forgot and left to walk with TBI/Mental Physcological Distress in Time bomb Mode and they Knew all the time…………….Shameful the Whole Bunch – I should be able to sue them for causing my mental health and PTSD lying all the way to 2021


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