Casa 1910 is changing the premium cigar industry in Mexico.

Inspired by the revolution and maintaining the highest quality standards, Casa 1910 is here to stay.

Brand message: Casa 1910®️ is a premium cigar and lifestyle brand that captures the national pride and spirit of the Mexican Revolution through exclusive high-end products. Our aim is to revolutionize the industry by creating a cigar that perfectly embodies two faces of Mexico: its deep traditions and its unrivaled dynamism. We take pride in ensuring top quality standards, combining locally sourced tobacco with the unparalleled knowledge of our team of experts. The unique conditions of the San Andres Valley in the state of Veracruz, which combine optimal sunlight, humidity, and volcanic terroir, make it the ideal site for the
creation of a truly exceptional cigar.

Cigar description: Cuchillo Parado, our first edition, is a Robusto-shaped cigar (5” x 50) made from an exclusive blend of the finest Mexican tobacco, aged for a minimum of 5 years.

Its name commemorates the first battle of the Mexican Revolution, a moment that changed the course of history and defined the nation’s character. We are inspired by doing things in a captivating and meaningful way, creating memorable experiences for cigar enthusiasts.

Embrace this new chapter in Mexico’s cigar history, where passion meets excellence and everyday moments become unforgettable victories.

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