Santa Clara D8 Robusto

This is a mild looking cigar from the European market. It will be formally released in the US by Redland Cigar Company at a cut and light event On Fridsy, September 10. The cigar line is from the same factory in Costa Rica in the same factory that produces Atabey. They are touted as a “budget friendly” alternative. There are light sweet notes from the closed foot. The cold draw is slightly tight with light leather notes.

Initial flavors are light to medium bodied. There are some salty notes with the leather and light spices. The draw opens up very nicely. The ash is fairly solid and the burn is somewhat uneven to start.

In the first third the flavor profile remains mostly smooth with remnants of salt. The retohale is very smooth. The ash is mottled grey and solid and the burn is even.

During the second third the profile remains steady with a bit of cream on the edges as the saltiness fades. The retohale remains very smooth. The ash remains solid and the burn remains even. During the event at Redland there will be a long ash contest; the construction of this cigar will probably make it a good choice.

Approaching the final inch the profile remains smooth and mostly light bodied. The overall complexity is decent, although most lighter cigars strike me as almost one dimensional.
Overall a very good smoke for the lighter crowd. Smooth and a bit subtle. 9.3/10, Joe Bob says check it out.

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