PCA Announces [Virtual] International Policy Summit

On October 6, 2021, the Premium Cigar Association will hold a virtual International Policy Summit, hosted in collaboration with Light em Up Lounge. This Summit will cover a wide range of topics including tax, trade, and commerce, the impacts of the charitable efforts and community, and the employment and operations of the premium cigar industry. The summit will be moderated by Reinhard Pohorec of Light em Up Lounge, who will serve as the master of ceremonies and will be joined by panels of experts, policymakers, and dignitaries to discuss the international implications of the premium cigar industry. “We at the Premium Cigar Association are excited to be the first body, internationally and domestically, to hold a policy summit of this kind. Please join us on October 6th for a half day of international policy discussion as well as major goal setting for the future of the premium cigar industry” -Scott Pearce Executive Director of the Premium Cigar Association.
How to Participate The PCA’s International Policy Summit will take place on Zoom Wednesday, October 6, 2021 from 1—5pm EST and is open to members and the public. Save the date on your calendar and copy the link provided here to join when the summit begins.
Schedule of Events All times below are in Eastern Standard Time (EST). 1:00pm—1:15pm: Welcome and Keynote Address1:15pm—2:00pm: Panel 1 Premium Cigars on the International Stage: Commerce and Trade for One of the World’s Oldest Commodities2:00pm—2:15pm: Panel 2 Introduction & Opening Remarks2:15pm—3pm: Panel 2 Serving the Community: the global impact of the cigar industry’s charitable and social contribution3pm—3:15pm: Break3:15pm: Panel 3 Introduction & Opening Remarks3:15pm—4pm: Panel 3 Managing a Global Company: Employment and Operations in the International Context4:00pm—4:30pm: Open Discussion & Questions4:30pm—4:45pm: Closing Remarks

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