DTT Announces Temporary Window for New Purveyor Accounts

Dunbarton, NH – Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust® (DTT) is announcing it will be temporarily opening New Purveyor Accounts until further notice.

“On August 13th, 2020 we were forced to cease opening any New Purveyor Accounts due to demand exceeding our capacity to supply our existing accounts. Since that time the demand has continued to grow with those accounts, but we have also been diligently committed to increasing our tobacco inventories and our production capacities. As promised in the original Press Release announcing the account moratorium that when production allowed, we would reverse the policy. For the first time in nearly two years, I am confident we can add a few
additional Retailers to our customer base without hurting our ability to serve our existing accounts or the exceptional quality of our puros,” states Steve Saka, the Founder and Co-Owner of DTT.

Saka adds, “We made an exception during last year’s Trade Show and my hope is to do so again. However, it is not an ‘open spigot’, so we need to be judicious in order to protect our existing and any new Retail Partners while also continuing to supply cigar consumers with the quality they expect from us. Therefore, how many new account requests we receive in the next few weeks will determine whether we can do so again at this year’s Trade Show. Regardless, we will likely be forced to return to a moratorium on new accounts this summer, so this is a window of opportunity for those wishing to add our portfolio to their offerings.”

“I realize for some Retailers this may ‘rub them the wrong way’, but I ask that they please consider that we are doing our absolute best. Our cautious and meticulous approach to the market has allowed us to deliver exceptional quality cigars without the extended back-order delays or any dips in quality that some others have experienced. My intent is to continue to do so while also allowing our small family company to grow. Ultimately, I want our cigars to be available on all of the best Retailer’s shelves, but to achieve this means we need to be
pragmatic and always protect our current customers’ needs first,” concludes Saka.

For more information, please visit: http://www.dunbartoncigars.com.

About Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, LLC
Founded in 2015, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust (DTT) has quickly become the premier craft manufacturer of ultrapremium handmade cigars. Founded by cigar and industry expert Steve Saka, a former Executive Consultant to JR Cigar and President and CEO of Drew Estate, with the singular focus to create only “Puros Sin Compromiso” – Cigars Without Compromise. Included within their portfolio are Sobremesa, Mi Querida, Todos Las Dias, Sin Compromiso, Umbagog, StillWell Star and Muestra de Saka. DTT is the only company ever to be named the “Company of the Year” for four consecutive years and to have a cigar rated in the Top 3 for seven consecutive years on the Annual Top Consensus List by Halfwheel™.

®Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust and their brands are registered trademarks of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust and/or affiliated companies.

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