Steve Saka of Dunbarton heads to PCA

About to depart for the Premium Cigar Association Annual Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Although we are NOT introducing any new Core brands this year, we are showcasing FOUR exceptional Limited Production Puros for our Purveyors!

They include:

Muestra de Saka “The Bewitched” – is an intoxicating liga of choice Nicaraguan and US Grown fillers with our exclusive Cultivo Tonto San Andreas Negro binder swaddled in a Grade 1 Ecuador Habano Seed capa. Presented in a beautiful 6 5/8 x 48 prensado vitola with a spiral colita in 7ct boxes, this cigar rewards the smoker with a beguiling smoking experience with notes of cafe, caramel, cedar, and tempered spice. These will continue to ship as they become available.

Mi Querida Black “SakaKhan” – this is a 7.25 x 54 Limited Production of the most exclusive Mi Querida to date. “Black” is intended to be a 2023 release, but I had enough of a pilot crop of a unique Honduran leaf needed for this liga ready to roll ~3,500 10ct boxes of these big, bold beauties. These will be delivered in August.

StillWell Star Holiday Y2022 Release – a special, one time Production of a 6 x 52 luxury pipe tobacco cigar to celebrate the Holidays. The aroma and flavor are exceptional! Limited to only ~2,500 13ct boxes. These will be shipped out in early November.

Todos Las Dias “Thick Lonsdale” Y2023 – as you know we had to pause the production of this line due to a tobacco shortage, but we now have enough to do a limited batch production and I have decided to do so in what in my opinion is the best vitola, a 6 x 46 gem of a smoke. Offered in 10ct boxes. These will be delivered to our accounts in January 2023.

If any of these intrigue you, please let your favorite Retailer know – much thanks!

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