Fuente gives unique 13-blend cigars to PCA attendees and a special surprise

Carlito Fuente blended a 6 1/4x 52 with 13 tobaccos, including 2 wrappers and 2 binders, to celebrate Fuente Friday with 250 of their closes friends in Las Vegas at PCA 2022.

This cigar will never be sold,” Jose Blanco said. “It was made for us to smoke together. I came up with this idea because I’ve always been a big supporter of IPCPR, RTDA, PCA. “

The cigar was made and smoked at the opening event of the annual convention. Fuente said it was done to support PCA but to bring something unique to the retailers.

“We would not be here if it was not for the retailers who make everyone’s lives better, Blanco said. “Carlito made this blend using 13 different tobaccos. To make this blend you really have to know tobacco.”

They provided cigars to the first 250 retailers at the event and opened a Q&A for the audience.

“I wanted to have fun and interact with each and everyone if I’m you,” Fuente said “It’s about entertainment and it’s about sharing. I wanted to use tobacco I had not used before. I made a blend with tobacco from the memories I’ve had. I blend in my dreams.

“If you know tobacco, you envision what you want to achieve. You instruct the master roller of how to place the tobacco,” he added.

Blanco and Fuente opened it up to the audience to get opinions of the cigar as they smoked it.

“Taste is subjective,” Blanco said. “I’m picking up a lot of sweetness from it.”

Others mentioned flavors such as earth, pepper, cedar, baking spices.

“This is the kind of cigar you’d expect to pay more for because of the quality and the attention to detail that was used when it was made,” Jeff Slatton (HaveAPremiumCigar.com and CigarWeekly.com) said. “It has quality construction, and it is true of all the cigars made in your factory. Hats off to you sir.”

Blanco asked Fuente, “How many times have you made a blend with 2 tobaccos and they don’t work together?”

“It’s happened, Fuente said. “Many times. You realize something’s missing. What’s a great cigar? My dad said It’s a cigar you are enjoying. It’s one you are burning your fingers because you don’t want to put it out. It’s balance, it’s complexity.”

“Cigars are made to be enjoyed not to knock you on your ass. It’s too enjoy with others,” Blanco said.

Blanco said the retailers inspired him to want to share cigars with the audience.

“Hard work is what retailers do,” Blanco said. “I take off my hat to all the retailers all over the world because you are a part of the greatest industry in the world.”

Carlitos surprised the audience with two trips for two.

“It you talk the talk, you walk the walk, Fuente said. “I believe in family and you are my family. And you bring family to your home.”

He told the audience to look under their chairs and if they had a cigar taped under their chair they were the lucky winners to win round trip for two to Dominican Republic and a visit with him at his home.

One luckily winner.

Blanco: What’s the one thing that can ruin the perfect cigar? Smoking it next to an asshole.

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