Asylum & Cigar Dojo Collaborate on Meshugana Cigar

DENVER, CO (Thursday, August 18, 2022) —— For the first time, Asylum
Cigars and Cigar Dojo have joined forces, collaborating on the
limited-edition Asylum Meshugana.

With both Asylum Cigars and Cigar Dojo celebrating their milestone
10th anniversaries in 2022, it was only fitting that the two
‘off-kilter’ brands join forces. The resulting cigar is Meshugana,
which plays on Yiddish slang for “nonsense,” “silliness,” or

“For a long time we have wanted to do a blend with Authentic Corojo
tobacco, and this new Meshugana Asylum features it in a marvelous
way,” notes Eric Guttormson, owner of Cigar Dojo. “The Asylum team
came up with an outstanding blend that is down-right delicious.”

It’s no secret that Cigar Dojo are outspoken advocates for Eiroa
tobacco, often praising the salty, pretzel dough-like character of the
family’s Authentic Corojo. These flavor descriptors became the impetus
for the Meshugana cigar, with The Dojo seeking to amplify these
attributes of the Eiroa family’s prized Honduran tobacco. Meshugana
is, therefore, a ‘Dojo-fied’ spin on the Asylum/Eiroa profile, making
use of the famed Authentic Corojo wrapper and joining the leaf with
the Eiroas’ Honduran tobaccos from the Jamastran Valley throughout the binder and filler. This amounts to a medium-plus strength output,
medium-full flavor, and an overall medium-full body, accentuating
Cigar Dojo’s penchant for salt on the lips, as well as sourdough
bread, cabinet spices, clean cedar, and yes, doughy pretzel

Tom Lazuka of Asylum Cigars commented, “When Eric from Cigar Dojo
contacted us about doing the 2022 release of the Cigar Dojo exclusive,
we knew we had to say yes. The guys from Cigar Dojo have been great to
us throughout the years, and we’ve always wanted to do this

For the fourth year running, Cigar Dojo offers an exclusive release
for attendees of the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival, as Meshugana will
debut during a private event leading up to the festival. Additionally,
the cigars will be offered to attendees of the festival itself, held
on Saturday, August 27th. Finally, a separate allotment has been
reserved for an online sale (through retailer Smoke Inn Cigars) that
will take place on Friday, September 2nd.

The cigars have been rolled in a singular 6″ x 52 toro format, and are
limited to a run of 300 bundles. Pricing is set at an MSRP of $100 per

For more information, please visit

Asylum Meshugana

Wrapper: Honduran Authentic Corojo
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Factory: The CLE Factory (Honduras)
Production: Limited Edition (300 bundles of 10 cigars)
Packaging: 10-ct Bundles
Vitola: 6″ x 52 (Toro)
Price: $100 ($10/cigar)
Release: Aug. 27, 2022 | Sep. 2, 2022
Retailer: Smoker Friendly | Smoke Inn

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