Top cigars of 2022

This is a list of cigars that rated 94+ over 2022 (including one or two late-2021 releases that weren’t readily available until 2022). The list is alphabetical by company and there is no 1-25 or whatever. I personally recommend that you try any of these that you think would fit your palate preferences. If you think I “missed” or “omitted” anything, it’s only that they weren’t readily available at local shops. If I didn’t personally smoke it, I can’t rate it. Also, no Cubans are listed.

Aganorsa Leaf

Validation series Corojo


Buffalo 10 Maduro


Eiroa PCA 2022 Red

Casa Cuevas


Drew Estate

Nica Rustica Adobe

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust

Mi Querida Black Saka Khan

Muestra de Saka Bewitched

Sin Compromiso Paladin de Saka

El Septimo

DaVinci Lancero

Emperors Cut


E P Carrillo

Allegiance Sidekick

Erez Premium Cigars

Landlord Maduro

Espinosa Premium Cigars

Knuckle Sandwich Habano

Ferio Tego

Timeless TAA Edition


Foundation Cigars

CT-142 Lancero

Olmec Maduro

German Engineered Cigars

RVGN Raum Zeit

Kristoff Cigars

Signature Perfecto PCA 2022

La Palina Cigars

Kill Bill TAA Selection

Oliva Cigars

Oliva V 135th Anniversary

Oveja Negra Brands

Black Label Morphine 2022

Corona Gorda

Dissident Molotov

Rojas Cigars

King of Small Gauges (KSG)

Unfinished Business

OSOK/Rojas Tejano Lancero

Other brands recommended include:

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