Wyoming Cigar Tax Cap Passed in Senate

[Cheyenne, WY, Jan 19, 2023] The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) is pleased to announce that a Wyoming cigar tax cap measure has passed the Senate with a vote of 26 to 5!

The measure will limit the state’s OTP tax on cigars to $0.30 and was advocated for by PCA’s Director of State Advocacy, Glynn Loope, and Donovan Short, owner of Casper Cigar Co in Caper, Wyoming. Both testified in support of the bill before the Senate Revenue Committee prior to the full Senate vote. The bill had passed committee last week unanimously, with a vote of 5-0.

“This is a significant win for cigar enthusiasts and small business owners in Wyoming,” said Loope. “The taxes on cigars have long been a burden on the industry, and this measure will go a long way in helping to level the playing field for premium cigar retailers and their patrons in the state.”

PCA’s Deputy Executive Director Joshua Habursky added, “We are grateful for the support of the committee members and senators and look forward to the bill being passed into law. This will not only benefit the cigar industry but also the state economy by keeping revenue in Wyoming.”

The PCA is dedicated to protecting the competitive position of premium cigar retailers and manufacturers, and their consumers, and has been a vocal advocate for fair tax policies on cigars at the state and federal level. Efforts have helped secure similar tax caps in several other states across the country.

The PCA encourages cigar enthusiasts and small business owners in Wyoming to contact their representatives and voice support for the measure.

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