HumidifGroup is connecting brands and consumers through products at ProCigar 2023.

Miami, FL – February 20, 2023–HumidifGroup has developed special experiences for all attendees of Pro Cigar, the Dominican Cigar Festival that welcomes local and international cigar enthusiasts. Two of the Pro Cigar boxes, which will be given at the welcome and gala dinners, incorporate an NFC tag powered by the HGTag platform, to engage with cigar enthusiasts. This will provide users with information and background on each of the cigars being featured.

Pro Cigar is a festival hosted in the Dominican Republic that promotes the Dominican tobacco industry as one of the finest in the world and spotlights its role in Dominican culture. This year, HumidifGroup is providing Pro Cigar attendees with a unique experience to connect digitally with all the attendees. By tapping the NFC tag with their smartphones, users will launch an exclusive digital experience highlighting each cigar inside the box, allowing the attendees to experience them more than ever before.

“Through the physical product, the NFC tag integrated into the packaging and powered by HGTag technology, offers huge benefits for the brand, retailers, and final consumer,” commented Pedro Balgañón, CEO of Humidif Group. “It creates a non-disruptive media channel that allows the brand to promote the best attributes of the cigar, and improve the customer experience by delivering personalized content, extending the relationship beyond the sale, and offering more to its loyal buyers. A win-win relationship.”

Both boxes with NFC technology will feature eleven tobaccos each. Specific details about the cigars will be included in the digital experience for enthusiasts to interact with. In addition, the experience will also allow participants to have direct access to a schedule of all events happening during that week, creating a more personal experience for all cigar aficionados attending the festival.

“By scanning the product with their smartphone, the end consumer will be able to authenticate the product and access a new world of digital experiences, providing the opportunity to engage consumers through a direct, digital, and ongoing experience. This direct content channel is bi-directional, from the brand to the customer offering information about the product as tasting notes or pairings, social media integration, subscriptions, etc., and from the consumer to the brand, allowing them to review, rate it and or give their recommendations about the product,” added Balgañón.

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