Dissident Soap Box

From talking to the rep, this cigar is aimed at the younger crowd.

Light tobacco aromas from the foot and wrapper. Easy cut and a very smooth pre light draw with very little flavor.

Initial draw has very light tobacco flavor and a hint of nuttiness.

The wrapper cracked about half way down.

The light flavors continued with a hint of sweetness.

Nothing special here, the mottled flaky ash held until about an inch and a half then disintegrated.

Bitterness developed at the tip as pools of tar began to form.

The crack in the wrapper grew as the fire neared it, and the cigar began to get harsh.

Overall the cigar was not well balanced and I put it down at about 2″.

Construction – 3

Flavor – 2

Heat and harshness – 2

Overall I’ll give this one a 2.5. Joe Bob says check it out.

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