The pride in his company’s work but not in himself was pleasantly refreshing at the Curivari Booth. Described as “Too nice” by his customers and his workers. Andres Throuvales grew up in Greece and after an American college education in Food Science, moved to Cuba where he discovered cigars. When he moved back home, he realized there were more cigars in the world than Cubans and at half the price. Early on, Andres developed a Maduro for the European market but it didn’t catch on until the Cubans brought in their own cigars with the darker wrapper. And then he couldn’t keep them on the shelf. Curivari’s Buenaventura was one of 2013’s top 25 and this year they have released six new sizes along with two new lines.

I smoked a Buenaventura the other night; about a 50 ring toro length with a gently tapered head, not really a pyramide. It presented meduim to light flavors including cocoa, cream and well aged tobacco. The cigar had great construction too, with a very smooth, cool burn. I really cannot find any complaints with either of the cigars I smoked (one at the show, one last Thursday). Curivari is quickly becoming one of my favorite boutique cigars.

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