Edgar Hoill OSOK Desmadroso

The cigar has an interesting taper to it with a traditional rounded head and about 1/2 inch of unwrapped tobacco at the foot, making it very easy to light.

Pre-light aroma had toasted tobacco, leather and vanilla undertones. Clipped cleanly with my Palio and lit nicely although the unfinished foot took a bit more effort.

Once the burn settled in, a nice even draw produced copious amounts of smoke with the aforementioned flavors of toasted tobacco, leather and vanilla undertones. The ash was mottled and held on for about an inch.

Very nice nose to the smoke off of the foot, medium but not overpowering.

Had to set the cigar down for a moment; not only did it not go out, the flavors had improved while I was gone; more creaminess while keeping the toasted tobacco flavors and a developing sweetness.

The cigar was so well constructed that it burned slow and never got hot, providing a nice, long, pleasant smoke.

The uncut remnants of the head peeled off, but this had no effect on the quality of the smoke.

At about half-way, this cigar developed into one of the most enjoyable smokes in recent memory. I was smoking on my son’s balcony, and even though the rain was coming down in buckets, the cigar never got gummy like some cigars do when presented with too much humidity in the air.

I nubbed this cigar without a single hot draw.

These are flying off of the shelves, so do yourself a favor and find one (some). The Edgar Hoyll One Shot One Kill (OSOK) does not disappoint. I give it 5/5. Joe Bob says check it out!

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