Esteban Carreras BlacK Cross Cross PC

Carreras has has a great deal of success with this vitola. All Esteli Nicaraguan tobacco.

Cut very even (well, I was using my Palio), had a nice pre-light draw with a light pre-light aroma.

Easy draw with a start that settled nicely into a medium-full flavor; the easy draw produced a good volume of smoke.

Solid, light grey ash throughout.

Triple clutching produced a very pleasant spiciness, especially when smoke is released through the nostrils, which is my normal method of smoking.

Paired very well with a porter.

There were some run problems in the burn which resisted correcttion.

Cigar began to burn fairly hot after half-way point.

Good ligero blend produced a very pleasant mid-to-full flavor on this cigar. Flavor continues to build until the smoke is too hot and the cigar is too hot to hold. Very hot/strong finish.

This blend would be more well suited to a larger ring, but it was still a pleasant smoke, just a little too hot at the end.

3/5 on the CW scale. Joe Bob says check it out.

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