IPCPR Thanks

Just wanted to take a minute to thank the gracious folks who showed us around the booths, supplied us with samples, etc. This list comes from the business cards I gathered. If Tommy or Jon have names to add please do.

Phillips & King – Barry Bennett and Brent Baker
The folks at Ventura/Psycho
Lighthouse Cigars – Mark Patterson
Missouri Meershaum Company – Phil Morgan and Mailyn Lanning
Marco V Cigars – John T. Keiser
Intercigar – Maurice Antonius Koks
USA Sales Inc. – Seth Wall
Villiger – Lois Siler
Gold Star Cigars – Reyvys Pliopa
Sweet Ash – Ben Ganser
Perdomo – Nicholas Perdomo III
Global Marketing and Distribution – Ken Bernstein, Mark S. Utz, and Leenid M. Gilman
The folks at Fratello Cigars
Fry Heritage Humidors – Mike Fry
J. Fuego Cigar Co. – Jose R. Fuego
Hamlet Paredes, Master of Tobacco
Ted’s Cigars – Ted Jackson, Jr.
Dissident Cigars – Red Ryan
Curivari – Andreas Throuvalas
C.L.E. – Christian Eiroia
Onyx – Casey Haugen
Esteban Carreras Cigars – Mark Thompson
Blue Ridge Distilling – Mark Boley
Louisville Distilling – Andy Borbely
Rauchvergnugen – Oliver Nickels
Ashton – Andy Green
Alec Bradley – Clay Roberts
APS Distributors LLC – Tony Serino
Altadis – Andy Butler
262 – Kyle Davis
Manry Group – Vicky Moore
Arandoza Cigars – Jose Garci8a and Robert Arango
The Huntington Humidor/Mardi Gras Cigars – David Bethiel
Illusione – Dion Gioloto

We met many more gracious representatives who granted us interviews and gave us samples to review. To all of you (I hope at least some of you will read this), a very gracious thank you. We at Cigar Weekly appreciate your support.

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