Small Batch Aging Room F59

Not too smooth box press but otherwise well constructed cigar. Wonderful aromas from the wrapper and the foot. Clipped nicely with the Small Batch Xikar I had been gifted. Medium strength pre-light draw.

Initial draw was strong and a bit sour of well-aged tobacco. Spiciness develops for a pleasant combination of flavors. Full bodied smoke with full flavors and plenty of smoke.

A bit of a bite to the burn, making me slow down. Strong in the mouth but pleasant through the nose.

Cigar continues to burn a bit hot for my taste.

Solid white ash held on well for about an inch, and held another inch after initially falling.

Very even burn; well constructed cigar.

Peppery flavors continued to build.

Cigar continued to heat up as tar pockets began to form in the tip.

Strong to bitter finish.

Construction – 4+

Strength – 5

Heat – 3

Overall not an unpleasant cigar for those who like lots of oomph. I give it a solid 4. Joe Bob Says Check it out.

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