Arandoza White Label robusto

This cigar had a dark rich wrapper with a couple of veins, very smooth aroma of tobacco from the wrapper and the foot. Easy clip; pre-cut light draw was even but only gave hits of the aroma of the wrapper.

Easy light with flavors more in tune with the wrapper aroma than the pre-light draw. Ample smoke with some initial spice. Started out as an overall fairly light bodied cigar with impressive flavors. Some sweetness developed as the cigar progressed, adding to the light spiciness.

The cigar had a very smooth and slightly oily feel to the touch. Very nice on the fingers and lips. This would make a very pleasant morning smoke as it is light bodied with very interesting flavors.

The mottled gray ash held on firm, speaking well of the construction of the cigar, and did not fall until about the half way point. The cigar also had a nice slow burn to allow maximum enjoyment.

Deep draws accentuate the flavors without being overwhelming in strength. There was some unevenness to the burn, but not enough to be a problem.

As the cigar progressed I considered classifying it closer to medium bodied based on the continuing quality of the flavors. I still think, however, that it would be an excellent choice for a morning smoke.

About an inch and a half in a creaminess developed that added to the sweetness and spice for a very impressive flavor combination.

The wrapper began to run a bit at about the three quarter mark, and the draw became hot, at which point I put the cigar down. Not quite a nubber, but very close.

Construction – 5

Body – 3.5

Volume of smoke – 5

Flavors – 5

This is yet another example of excellence from Arandoza. I give it a solid 4.5. Joe Bob says check it out.

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