IPCPR Gurkha Cellar reserve 18

Very well constructed cigar with a nice smooth dark brown wrapper. Pre-light aroma is very pleasing. After clipping with my Palio I got a very nice draw with hints of nuts and cocoa.

Lit very cleanly with my Dupont Vector and immediately produced very pleasant volumes of smoke tasting of well-aged tobacco with undercurrents of nuts, cocoa and a hint of coffee, making this a most enjoyable smoke.

Paired with a Real Ale Real Heavy Scots ale that was an ideal match.

Mottled gray ash that held well, another testament to the quality construction of the cigar, and required no corrections as it burned very straight.

Flavors got somewhat bitter at midway, but not enough to toss, and I was rewarded with a nice spicy finish and the cigar didn’t get hot until I nubbed it.

Contrary to the “reputation” Gurkha has with some people, this was a very enjoyable smoke.

I rate it a solid 3.75. Joe Bob says check it out

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