Foundry Bolivar

Distributed by General, the Foundry is “re-imagining” what they referred to as classic blends in Ramon Allones and Bolivar.

The cigar is a beautiful dark brown, very smooth wrapper, pigtailed with an unfinished foot. Not too firm to the touch, it clipped very easily with my Palio and presented a very easy pre-light draw with toasted tobacco as the predominant flavor.

Lit easily, draw remained very smooth with generous amounts of smoke. The predominant flavor (which remained throughout) was what I think of as a classic toasted tobacco with undertones that developed as the cigar burned. The ash was mottled grey and held for about one inch. At that point it was likely to fall off, so I was glad I was next to an ash tray.

First undertones I notices was a pleasant bitterness that paired nicely with the dram of Jameson I was having with the cigar. Some pepper noted developed in the back of the nose. Some underlying sweetness and a taste of leather developed about half-way through the cigar, and the body of the smoke became very creamy, adding to the enjoyment.

The burn of the cigar was very straight and clean, no touch-ups were required.

This is a full-bodied smoke with medium to full flavors. Very smooth, no discernible harshness at all. The only time the draw got warm was when I was smoking too fast.

This is a very pleasant cigar. I had it mid-afternoon at one of our local cigar shops, and it was perfect for the time and place. 4/5. Joe Bob says check it out.

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