Perdomo Craft Series Maduro

Perdomo Craft Series Maduro, paired with a Stone Arrogant Bastard (which perhaps was too aggressive for the cigar).

Beautiful dark wrapper with no veins or flaws. Foot reveals generous ligero and releases wonderful spicy notes. Pre-light draw was easy without being loose. A very well-constructed cigar that cut cleanly with my Palio.

Veary earthy draw with hints of cocoa. Nice spice notes releasing the smoke through the nose (not inhaling).

Although the Arrogant Bastard is a bit aggressive, it still pairs well with this cigar.

There was a slight wrapper separation at the foot which was easily corrected and hardly worth mentioning; otherwise razor-straight burn throughout.

Nice full bodied cigar but silky smooth, as with most Perdomo products. My only quibble is the beer I chose. A smoother porter or stout would be a better choice.

At one point I inadvertantly inhaled the smoke, but it was so smooth that it didn’t cause me to choke.

To change pace a bit I mixed in a shot of Weller Reserve, which added to the enjoyment of the blend.

At the 1/3 point I have nothing at all bad to say about this cigar. The spiciness evens out, never getting too pronounced.

The flavor remains consistent well past the half-way point. A most excellently constructed cigar.

The spiciness grows as I approached the last third of the cigar. The draw did not heat up until the last inch, which is typical for almost any cigar.

The maduro is perhaps not quite as good as the sungrown (which I found to be absolutely stellar). Still, this is an amazing maduro, very fitting with the Perdomo brand and a great addition to the Craft line.

Now to find a suitable light-bodied beer to review the light-bodied Craft cigar. 4+/5. Perdomo hits another one out of the park.

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