IPCPR 2016 New Release: Tabernacle

Nick Mellilo of Foundation Cigars presented 4 new lines of cigars at this year’s IPCPR. Today’s review is of the Tabernacle Toro.

Beautiful dark brown wrapper, foot aromas of leather and cocoa, pliable yet firm bunch, this cigar looks and smells of good things to come. Easy clip and medium cold draw confirm notes of cocoa and leather. The overall appearance of the cigar is a thing of beauty.

A slightly firm draw opens up the leather notes while the cocoa remains in the background, although it is present in the foot smoke aroma. There is a bit of “greenness” to the flavor, but not enough to make the smoke any less pleasing.

Paired with a Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate Stout, the cocoa flavors become more defined. Such a good beer for a nice maduro.

There remains a slight vegetal flavor around the edge of the pleasingly plentiful smoke, but the dominant flavors of cocoa and leather remain.

A solid light grey ash is firm. The construction of this cigar is immaculate; I can detect no flaws in the burn. The draw remains a bit firm, but it is staying cool and producing ample smoke.

Approaching 1/3, a bit of “meatiness” emerges in the flavor profile, not detracting at all from the cocoa and leather. The wrapper is leaving a sweetness on the lips that complements the cocoa notes.

As the cigar approaches halfway, some spices emerge, making for a very nice peppered cocoa flavor, not unlike a Lindt cayenne and dark chocolate bar.

The environmental humidity tonight is causing the draw to get a bit tight, but using a series of small purges opens it back up nicely.

Past 1/2 the cigar remains a cocoa bomb with plenty of smoke. The spices have subdued a bit but are still in the background, like a rich molé sauce. The burn is still perfect.

As the spice subsides the cigar settles into a very silky smoke; very pleasant and making me think that I will not be ready to put it down when I reach the end.

The cigar is very complex with its notes of cocoa, leather and spice all making for a very good smoking experience.

Approaching the final third the draw opens up some increasing the volume of smoke while still burning to perfection. I think that with less humidity in the air the draw would remain steady and good throughout.

I believe that this cigar will be one of the better things that I will smoke from this year’s new releases. Excellent balance and complexity that should please any maduro fan. 95, Joe Bob says check it out!

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