Aging Room Oliveros Gran Retorno 2

This very dark robutsto has an oily if somewhat rustic appearance. The wrapper smells like your favorite leather jacket, and the foot smells like unsweetened cocoa. It has a firm bunch and a good medium draw with leathery overtones.

Initial draw tastes of cedar with some leather notes. Plenty of smoke that also has a cedar aroma. Some sweetness on the lips from the wrapper.

This cigar has an even burn with a medium grey ash that is firm and the mild to medium smoke is very smooth and flavorful.

At 1/3 I had to touch up the wrapper to correct a minor run. Some almond notes join the leather and cedar. The smoke seems to be getting milder as the cigar progresses, then pepper notes hit and it returns to medium.

Approaching 2/3, light cocoa notes appear while the pepper has vanished. The smoke remains smooth and plentiful.

Cocoa notes have subdued leaving a very pleasant medium bodied leather flavor. Another slight retouch evens up the burn.

This is a very easy to smoke cigar that would go well with coffee as it does the porter. Its complexity and pleasing amount of smoke, along with good construction and draw earn it 80. Joe Bob says check it out.

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