Battleground Old Powder Keg Torpedo

Leather and cocoa notes from a somewhat toothy wrapper and foot, solid bunch, fairly easy cold draw with leather notes.

Immediate leather with spicy notes. Smooth and clean, both draw and burn, very light bitter tones on the lips. Solid medium grey ash.

Spice notes subdue a bit during the first third. Surprisingly, the cocoa aroma of the unlit cigar has yet to manifest.

Subtle cocoa notes begin to appear at about 1/3. Peppery spiciness is mostly gone leaving behind some cinnamon notes.

A prominent ligero presence gives the cigar a nice kick; not overpowering and very pleasant. Some coffee notes emerge just past the first third. The cocoa notes subdue a bit but the cinnamon remains.

Lots of thick satisfying smoke, still coffee and cinnamon but with a very smooth and leathery component emerging. Cocoa notes remain, but that may be partly due to the Chocolate Stout.

At 2/3 the flavors have settled into a most pleasing coffee and leathery smoke which is just on the full side of medium. The burn continues to be perfect with a conical coal.

The final third remained a very pleasant leathery flavor with the cinnamon tones lingering.

Strength picks up as the cigar heats up a bit, but not unpleasantly so.

Approaching the final inch the smoke heats up enough to sting a bit on the lips. Nothing small purges can’t combat, but signaling the end of the cigar. The smoke remains very pleasant.

At one inch it becomes too hot to hold and I put it down. Rich complex smoke still make this cigar stand out and earn it a 90. Joe Bob says Check it out.

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