Jose Blanco Freyja

This cigar is very box pressed and beautiful at the same time. Exquisite aromas from the wrapper and foot of well-aged tobacco with cocoa notes. Clip was perfect as was the cold draw, which hinted at nutmeg.

The initial draw produced notes of spicy gingerbread with a heavenly sweetness on the lips. The smooth and creamy smoke was as plentiful as it was pleasing.

One thing to note about the box press; it is not only easy to hold, it will not roll off of the ashtray.

Approaching the first third, the description that comes to mind is “delicious,” a fine cigar with obvious attention to detail. The medium grey ash is a tad flaky, but not messy by any means.

Paired with a Sanuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout enhances the sweetness of the cigar and makes for an even more pleasing smoke.

A slight burn correction takes nothing away from the excellent flavor of this cigar.

At the half way point the flavors continue to develop into an excellent medium body, full flavor cigar.

At the last third the smoke began to heat up a bit, but small purges did a good job of solving this.

Only burn issues and heat problems prevented this from being a perfect cigar. 88 for this excellent cigar. Joe Bob says check it out

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