Sobremesa Elegante en Cedro

The wrapper and foot smell like rich tobacco. The cold-draw tastes like tamarino candy. The big event with this cigar is that it fell in the garden but was successfully recovered and was a stellar cigar.

Steve Saka is not only a master blender but a master of dropped cigars.

This will be my favorite dropped cigar story of all time.

Back to the cigar. I thought Saka had outdone himself with last year’s Sobremesa. I was dead cold wrong. Along with the Dunbarton Trust Mi Quierda Gordo and the Short Robusto (reviews coming), he not only topped himself, he created a new class for himself.

Sublime flavors of tobacco, spice (remember the tamarino I mentioned) and deep rich leather blend together to make this one to remember. And do your best to keep some in your box because they keep getting out and being smoked.

This is definitely one of the best smokes in recent memory. I almost never give 100 ratings because there’s always some little issue that kills it. Not this time. 100. Joe Bob says check it out!

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