Rubbing Elbows and dropping names

Creating, blending an manufacturing tasty cigars is a talent that was on show in July at the  ICPCR trade show. Those who do it exceptionally well become superstars and are sought after and easily recognizable.

My wife and I attended and covered the 2016 show. I tried to tried to not fawn over every superstar I saw but sometimes I couldn’t resist. This is just a small representation of the cigar community elite at the show but these are the ones I posed with for posterity.dsc04350

Your humble narrator with Christian Eiroa of CLE, formerly the creator of Camacho cigars. His booth was well planned and represented the lines created by his family.


My lovely wife with Michael Gianinni of General Cigars Foundry brand. A true maverick in his field. His cigars and his boxes were as interesting as his outfits.


I love this one. That’s Edgar Hoill. To all you photography nuts, yes, THAT Edgar Hoill, who also designs one of my favorite cigars.


Me with Jon Huber, long-time CigarWeekly member, former CAO ambassador and currently with Crowned Heads cigars. He brought a new style to the industry along with interesting blends and flavors.


My personal favorite, Hamlet Paredes, former master blender at the Partagas factory in Havana, now working on his own line, the Tabaquero, with Rocky Patel. This is the fourth time I have talked to him. And yes, he remembered me.

So, maybe I posted this as proof that I know my way around the cigar industry, or maybe I’m just a narcissist. You’ll have to ask my wife.

Long ashes and smooth draws everyone!

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