Cordoba/Morales Platino Gordo

Shaggy foot and pigtail, mild aromas from wrapper and foot. Good bunch and cold draw. Paired with Kona Pipeline Coffee Porter.

Initial draw gives full bodied smoke. Notes of leather and coffee. Firm light grey ash.

Smoke is very smooth. At 1/3 some pepper notes develop as well as a pleasant woodiness. Plentiful smoke that creates a “cigar shop” aroma.

Halfway the flavor develops a semi-sweet nuttiness. Burn is razor-sharp.

Switching to a Grapevine Sir Williams English Brown Ale. A bit sweeter than the porter but still a good match.

The medium body smoke is very enjoyable and has changed to include stronger tobacco notes.

Cigar is heating up some at about 1-1/2 inches from the end. Not critically so, only a minor issue. Slowing down and small purges take care of most of the heat.

Pepper notes have picked up as I reach the end.

Had to put it down at one inch because it got too hot to hold. Nice solid smoke. 85. Joe Bob says check it out.

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