Nestor Miranda Collection Corojo

Nice Corojo aromas from the wrapper and foot. I messed up the clip and the head started to unravel; completely my fault and I will be very careful with this one.

I always pair a heavy IPA with Sungrowns and Corojos because the flavors blend so well.

The initial draw is exactly what I look for in a good Corojo, and the heavy citrus/hoops of the beer are the perfect complement.

Even being careful, the cigar is producing lots of tasty smoke. Light spice and an almost mellow tobacco flavor are developing nicely. Something I can’t quite put my finger on, perhaps a light almond note is sneaking in adding a further dimension to the flavor. The wrapper is somewhat nutty on the lips.

The cigar is drawing and burning perfectly, despite my rough clip. At 1/3 there is absolutely no heat.

The medium grey ash is firm and resisted my tap-off just past 1/3. I can’t overstate the quality of the construction of the cigar.

The beer is melding perfectly with the flavors of the cigar, something I always aim for and am very pleased when it comes out this well.

Halfway down the cigar is still very pleasantly cool and has developed stronger tobacco flavors, yet with creamy overtones.

The last third of the cigar is still very pleasant, although it bit of heat has developed. I am slowing down and using small purges.

A quick note; the unraveling that my bad clip caused presented no problems after moistening, probably more due to the excellent construction of the cigar and not my “smoking skills.”

The Nestor Mirana Series from La Aurora is definitely a cigar to keep at hand. 88, Joe Bob says check it out.

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