Kiki Berger Habano Salamone K by Karen Berger

After the death of her husband Kiki, Karen Berger decided to carry on the labor of love that was Don Kiki Cigars.

The lightly pressed Salomone is a lovely cigar with an oily Habano wrapper that smells of fragrant tobacco. The bunch is firm but not hard and feels pleasant in the hand.

Initial notes of citrusy tobacco are very pleasant and leave you wanting more. Plentiful plumes of smoke enhance the enjoyment.

The almost pure white ash is very firm. This is a very well-constructed cigar.

The fragrance mellows a bit into a nice creamy smoke. The smoke is staying nice and cool as well.

A sweetness develops in the first third, further enhancing the flavor. A light pepper develops on the retrohale.

A minor burn correction was necessary at the half way point, causing the ash to fall. Still, that’s a long ash for a Salomone.

At about the last third the cigar began to heat up. A few purges helped this, but it quickly became too hot to smoke. Still, the overall quality of the cigar was excellent and I give it 85, mainly for the heat at the end. Still a very worthy cigar. Joe Bob says check it out.

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