La Barba Purple Robusto

Wrapper: HVA (Habana Vuelta Abajo Ecuador)

Binder: Dominican Corojo

Filler: Corojo, HVA Habano, and a rare varietal known as Carbonara.

We spent some time in the Caldwell area and were introduced to Joe Smith and Jack Johnson who gave us the information that, yes, the Barber theme is “Sweeny Todd-ish.”

The initial draw is somewhat ordinary, but you could smell the cocoanut, cocoa, leather and even a bit of pepper. Good things come from risks taken, and this blender won.

Something a bit unusual, when paired with a medium strength IPA it can influence and change the flavor. The flavor stood its ground nicely, something I really admire in a medium body cigar.

Slight cracking in the wrapper at the third point didn’t stop the cigar from smoking well or cause the firm ash to drop.

At the half point the creaminess and coconut were covered over by w pleasant leathey, woody tones and not at all tinny.

You could survey with this burn, it is that straight. And the ash stands firm at 2″. Because I was wearing my Johnny * Joey * Dee Dee * Tommy shirt I tapped it just past half-way.

Then the cedar sneaked in changing the flavor yet again. Have I mentioned that I love complex cigars?

Heat started to build during the final third, but I slowed and purged my way to the nub. 90, Joe Bob says check it out.

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