Rocky Patel 55

Yes, Rocky has turned 55 and a special cigar was rolled in honor of him.

It is available in several sizes, the cigar I smoked is a short figurado with a rich dark wrapper and a firm bunch. It clips easily and draws perfect with hints of nutmeg.

An easy light produces pleasant citrus notes with hints of vanilla and almond.

Being a quite short cigar, care must be taken to not overheat the smoke. Even smoking slowly there is ample smoke to enjoy. And the burn is perfect.

At about half way a very pleasant nuttiness, a sort of very pleasant almond and pecan emerged adding even more enjoyment to the flavors. Slight sweetness almost bought out a pecan/almond flavor.

I have just one quibble with the cigar; I was nowhere near ready to put it down.

Happy 55th Rocky. I’m going to knock you down to a 99. because I just wasn’t ready to finish this cigar. Many happy returns of the day my friend

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