Cigars International joins Southern Draw Cigars to IGNITE some good


Southern Draw Cigars is proud to announce the third installment of the IGNITE some good charitable campaign as it partners with Cigars International to release 1,000 custom IGNITE humi-jars. Going back to its roots, the original two cigar blends from Southern Draw Cigars, Kudzu and Firethorn now have a fresh new size to be enjoyed.  A 5×58 round format perfecto.

image2Austin, Texas – “We are pleased to release an exclusive new size in both of our original blends, the rich medium to full bodied Kudzu – Oscuro and the clean burning medium+ flavor of the Firethorn – Rosado as we celebrate the IGNITE project together with Cigars International,’ said Southern Draw Cigars Founder, Robert Holt.  “While there are no significant changes to the original blends, the new perfectos are likely to excite the palates of those new to our brand that most likely have been smoking the 2017 releases, Jacobs Ladder and Rose of Sharon blends and the loyal consumers who have smoked these flavorful and award winning blends since 2014.”


The 5×58 perfectos will each have the custom IGNITE cigar bands and will be officially released by Cigars International on June 15th with details to be announced but CI Mega Store, Hamburg customers can get a sneak peek of these new cigars starting at 6pm on June 5, 2018 as Robert Holt joins the CI staff for an IGNITE some good social.

image4“Cigars International is incredibly excited to team up with Southern Draw Cigars on these two new, exciting, and delicious projects for CI Nation. Any opportunity we receive to help out our troops is one we’ll jump on without any hesitation, so when Robert Holt approached us with his idea for Ignite, we knew we wanted to be a part of it immediately,” added Jeffrey Kocher, Chief Merchant.

image5Each cigar is handmade at AJ Fernandez Cigar Co. in Nicaragua using patiently aged and naturally fermented tobaccos.

IGNITE: Release #3

Size: 5 x 58 Perfecto (round format)

MSRP: $99.99 per jar (10 count)


250 jars (black) Kudzu

250 jars (white) Kudzu

250 jars (black) Firethorn

250 jars (white) Firethorn

Cigars International and Southern Draw Cigars will donate a total of $7.50 per jar to Operation Cigars for Warriors. for early purchasing.


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