Jeremy Jack Libelula Robusto

This cigar has an almost flawless San Andreas Maduro wrapper. The filler is Nicaraguan Arangosa. The foot smells like a good cocoa latte. The cold draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a Lorelei Brewing Merdude Russian Imperial Coffee Milk Stout.

The initial flavors are creamy but full bodied. The ligero in this cigar packs quite a kick. There is a heavy cinnamon note. The retrohale also has quite a bit of cinnamon in it. The burn is perfect.

In the first third a definite flavor of cocoa joins in with the cinnamon, which is still very dominant. The burn remains perfect and the ash is solid, even though it dropped on me at about 3/4”. The strong stout ale is proving to be a solid match.

During the second third the cinnamon continues to be the dominant flavor well complemented by the cocoa undertones. This is a full bodied cigar with excellent flavor and plentiful smoke. The cinnamon notes are also dominant in the retrohale. The burn remains perfect and the ash remains solid even though it drops at intervals.

Approaching the final inch the cinnamon has settled some to allow the cocoa flavor to come through. There are also cedar notes sneaking into the flavor profile. This is a medium bodied cigar with excellent construction and complexity. 93

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