Regius Exclusivo USA Lancero

This cigar has a semi-firm bunch but an excellent cold draw. The foot only has light aromas . The cold draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a Stone Brewing Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout.

The initial flavors are earth and leather, kind of like an English Blend pipe tobacco. The draw is perfect. This is a medium bodied smoke that should burn slowly and provide an excellent smoking experience. The burn is perfect.

The first third is excellent with some sweet spice entering the flavor profile; perhaps a bit of ginger. The retrohale is very smooth, as is the plentiful smoke. I would highly recommend this cigar to those who prefer EMS Cubans, because it has many of the same qualities, minus the Cuban “twang.” The burn is off center; I will give it some time.

The first third is very smooth. This is a medium bodied cigar. The complexity is excellent so far. The burn is evening up on its own.

During the second third the flavors are mostly earth and cedar with a bit of spice. The burn has corrected itself and is very even at this point. The Stout ale is an excellent pairing. I must thank Robert Bailey of Club Humidor on Thousand Oaks for recommending this one to me. This cigar is absolutely elegant.

The retrohale is so very smooth, but with just a hint of white pepper. The burn is so even that I could compare it to a straight razor. I cannot emphasize how smooth and pleasant the flavors are and how wonderful the smoke is.

For lancero lovers this is an absolute must try. The complexity of flavors is excellent, and the burn is perfect.

The Imperial Russian Stout is an absolute perfect match. Unlike other Stouts it does not have overpowering flavors that taint the cigar. It is very clean and complements the cigar perfectly.

A quick plug for Cigarbid, I scored the stinky astray for $16.50. A bargain by any standard.

This cigar is so good that I only finished half of my beer while smoking it. Approaching the final inch it remains smooth and cool. The complexity of flavors and the construction are excellent. Medium bodied throughout, it is an absolute joy to smoke. 9.8

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