This cigar has a very dark mostly smooth wrapper. The bunch is mostly firm. Like many Dominicans the foot smells mainly of tobacco. The cold draw is perfect. Tonight’s beverage is a Buffalo Bayou More Cowbell IPA. I got this cigar from Redland Cigar in San Antonio.

The initial flavors are medium to full bodied and include citrus and cedar. The retrohale has a medium note of white pepper. There is abundant smoke and the cigar is burning evenly.

The first third is mostly orange and lemon citrus with a solid cedar base. The double IPA is turning out to be a very good pairing. The burn remains even and the ash is solid.

During the second third a nice sweet spice note joins the flavor profile. The ash is solid although I tap it off to be safe. The burn remains very even.

Removing the bands, I tore the wrapper, but the cigar continues to please. The complexity of flavors remains excellent and the construction is also very good. This is a very good medium bodied smoke. 92

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