Discover CEDRUS by Southern Draw Cigars

Cedrus2Discover CEDRUS by Southern Draw Cigars – only at IPCPR 2018.

A cigars ability to be different things to different people – and to be – in effect, the cornerstone of a tribute – was the starting point for the fifth core blend from Southern Draw Cigars.

We continue the Southern Draw Cigars tradition of sharing our faith, embracing the flora around us and by offering tribute to those people that have most inspired our family, through the branding of our cigars.  Originating from one of our “stealth blends” CEDRUS has been five years in the making and will initially be available in a box pressed Belicoso Fino 5.5 x 52, a special size known as “THE HOGAN”.  THE HOGAN will be presented in individually numbered 10 count boxes during IPCPR 2018, Las Vegas, NV in Booth #1065.

CEDRUS – THE HOGAN, the origin of the name:  

1.  Faith:  The Latin name is Cedrus libani or Lebanese Cedar trees were highly sought after for ancient woodworking.  The woods high quality, pleasant scent and firmness made it a popular building material for Holy temples, palaces and sailing vessels.  Cedars popularity endures today as it is the most utilized wood in the premium cigar industry and the image of the CEDRUS tree serves as the biblical inspiration for our brand art.  2.  Flora:  Western Red Cedar known as “the Hogan”, native to the Pacific United States, growing to 200’ tall and living up to 1,000+ years, this tree demonstrates the firm, reliable and beautiful characteristics of cedar.  Our bridge to an ancient symbol and a wood that has proven valuable through the ages. 3.  People: We offer tribute to Phil and Shelly Hogan, a relationship that began in 1996, a friendship turned “closer than family”.  Their love and support of Southern Draw Cigars began in 2014 when they rallied family and friends to support our mission even in the face of uncertain risk. Their contributions have been as steadfast and enduring as the cedar tree even as they have humbly remained in the shadows of our early successes. Phil, U.S. Navy Retired, is the most honorable and accountable guy we know and someone who we could only aspire to be like and Shelly, has been a tireless supporter of all things we do, a helping hand of 20 years that has quietly contributed much to SDC’s early success.  The gracious and generous Hogan’s will now be celebrated with their own incomparable hand crafted cigar. We offer you an opportunity to get to know them during IPCPR 2018, they will be available to share their stories of military service, international travel and a limited amount of their new cigar.

CEDRUS – THE HOGAN, the blend profile

Robert Holt shared some of his insight into the blend in a special Belicoso Fino size and its namesake, THE HOGAN, “My snapshot of the CEDRUS blend transports us to the ancient soils of Indonesia, a place aptly named the “Spice Islands” where we have methodically selected this rich, reddish brown colored wrapper. As this cigar burns, a savory perfume of what I consider nutmeg, toasted clove, cinnamon and cedar aromas compliment the naturally fermented tobacco tastes and awaken my palate, an intentional profile representing the diverse Asian food cultures explored (and enthusiastically shared) by the Hogan’s during and after their 20 year service in the U.S. Navy.   Playing a supporting role to the unique spice profile is the medium bodied strength and semi-sweet chocolate notes of classic Dominican Republic and Nicaraguan tobaccos. A retrohale offers me a more powerful burst of hard-wood charcoal, red/white pepper and herb-like notes that stem from tobaccos of the lesser known high mountain region of Quilali, Nicaragua.  CEDRUS is no doubt, our most distinguished tasting cigar and the gorgeous Belicoso Fino will be offered in a specially designed presentation box.  This release is a commitment to excellence and a statement that we wish to grow Southern Draw Cigars into a global brand.  Although you may not share my experience of the specific flavors and aromas, it is my prayer that you too enjoy the new blend and share our message of CEDRUS – THE HOGAN.”

Country of Origin:  Nicaragua

Factory:   AJ Fernandez Cigar Co.

Wrapper:  Besuki TBN – Sumatra, Indonesia

Binder:      Habano 2000- Esteli, Nicaragua

Viso:          Piloto Cubano – Dominican Republic

Criollo 98 – Esteli, Nicaragua

Seco:        Habana 92 – Quilali, Nicaragua

Ligero:     Corojo 99 – Jalapa, Nicaragua

Size – Belicoso Fino 5.5 x 52 (box pressed)


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