PCA Convention Day 1 TOP 10:

  1. We live in the greatest country in the world. At the PCA Annual Meeting of the Membership sponsored by Foundation Cigar Company, breakfast was provided, cigars were plentiful and we respected the flag and recited the pledge as Cigars for Warriors presented the colors.

2. The Cigar Industry in general and PCA specifically is doing well. PCA reported on the recent court victory calling the FDA’s regulation of premium cigars “arbitrary and capricious.”

3. Drunk Chicken Cigars is no joke. In just three years, CEO Desiree Sylver has made others take notice. This minority-owned, woman-owned, veteran-owned company creates “cigars that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.” Look for the Fat Hen or the Mother Clucker.

4. Rebranding is worth it. El Artista has become Artista and the new look is clean and well done. They are known for the Big Papi and Buffalo Ten (we gave that a 97). They created a new master brand and introduced new blends. They also added a really clever new line called Paper Boy. (see cover photo)

5. Pipes are cool again. Dominican Big League created their version of the pipe by way of a specially-rolled cigar. by Francisco Almonte

6. ATF is not so bad. The ATF magazine is a quarterly publication that writes about Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Subscribe at ATFlifestyle.com. Their latest issue cover story was Matt Booth of Room 101 Cigars.

7. It matters what you pair. When manufacturers blend a cigar, they often have a specific drink in mind for the consumer to make that cigar the best it can be. Luciano (in the Crowned Heads booth) showed off their wine to pair with their new blend, Mas Igneus.

8. Cigar manufacturers are humble and gracious people. Mrs. Have A Premium Cigar created jewelry, key chains and coasters for many vendors. They were very appreciative.

9. All the hype was right. 2022 is a great year for cigars and the health and excitement of this convention proves it. Surpassing pre-COVID numbers is something the organization can achieve and the industry needs.

10. Las Vegas may be hot but it’s very cool. The strip has many gems including the LinQ Promenade (Alley). Despite the over 100 degree temperature, the outdoor restaurants have cooling water and fans, to make the experience pleasant.

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