Day 2-PCA Top 10:


  1. Before the Mayans. The symbol for cigar from an ancient Central American civilization dons the band and the box for Foundation’s new Olmec Cigar. Foundation also is producing a Cigar marking the 100th anniversary of King Tut’s Discovery The box is a replica of one of the boxes found in the tomb, It’s called Highclear Castle Sinetro.

2. The whole package. El Septimo Geneva has brought the luxury again with El Septimo Cognac, El Septimo wine, and three different $5.5 million lighters. They also premiered the Emperor’s line of Connecticut and Maduro.

3. What’s that taste? Color has a flavor in the first Ozgener Family Bosphorus yellow by Tim Ozgener and Crowned Heads. He also promoted his Pi Synesthesia with artwork on the box inspired by his father’s tobacco leaf art.

4. Charity for the troops. Cigars for Warriors is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a medal. They are available for purchase to help the charity at their PCA booth or on their website after the convention.

5. Take you to school. Noel Rojas has made a splash with several different brands in their booth but if you haven’t seen “The Complete Guide to Becoming a Cigar Specialist” Vol. 1,-Nicaragua, you should. Buyers smoke the cigars in the box from the regions used to make the blend.

6. Cuban sized. Micallef Cigars is proud of their variety and with good reason. At PCA they are showing off their pack with eight of their blends in a londres size. They are also adding another size to the A line with the “a,” named after their ambassador’s program.

7. The summer of Bewitching. It’s another very good show for Steve Saka and Dunbarton tobacco. He has several projects he has been working on that are being promoted at the show. Another Muestra De Saka, Bewitched, the Holiday Edition Stillwell star, Todos Los Dias is back with the Mas Fuerte, and the limited edition. Mi Querida “SakaKhan”

8. American aged. The relatively new brand ATL, straight out of Atlanta is enjoying the 95 from Stogie Press for their Magic and using it for their success. The company uses Nicaraguan tobacco that is curated and aged in Atlanta.

9. New approach to tubos. Cigar Bros Humidors was showing their Vending Machine like Humidors. The stand-alone boxes are full of tubos with prices and cigar description.

10. The competition is steep Integra has stepped up the game and was showing their Boost 420 humidification insert that services 200 cigars. The 320 will keep up to 150 and they offer smaller sizes as well.

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