Cayman Cigar Company: Luxury Cigar Brand to Focus on Charity

Cayman Cigar Company is the world’s only premium cigar company to donate 100% of net profits to charity.

CAYMAN ISLANDS – Cayman Cigar Company is one of the world’s first luxury cigar brands to offer consumers premium cigars and the knowledge every purchase provides financial support to charities around the world. The company is unique in two ways. First, its collection of hand-rolled cigars provide a level of quality on par with Cuban cigars – minus the expense and hassle of sourcing Cuban cigars. Second, every dollar that doesn’t immediately go back into rolling its next cigar is donated to international charities – as well as those closer to home for the company.

In addition to its charitable contributions, Cayman Cigar Company partners with Grand Cayman-based nonprofit Beacon Farms, which provides agriculture-based careers for Caymanians who have embraced sobriety. As part of their partnership, Beacon Farms is currently developing a unique Caymanian tobacco variety for use in Cayman Cigar Company’s products. By investing in local resources, the company is giving back to its Caymanian community while continuing to develop a more unique product for its customers – a win-win for all.

Cayman Cigar Company began with the combined vision of two friends, Caymanian John Lemuel “Lem” Hurlston and Granger Haugh, an American. While serving together as board members of local Cayman charities, Granger and Lem proposed a “for-profit/non-profit” business model that would help charitable organizations while making some of the world’s most exclusive cigars. They call their shared concept of innovation, entrepreneurship and social responsibility “Philanthro-Capitalism.”

Today the company donates 100% of its net profits to organizations around the globe. A few of the company’s favorite charitable organizations include Smoking Shields, a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to law enforcement and military families in times of need; the Raymond Davis Templar Foundation, which provides academic scholarships to at-risk high school students in the Holy Land; and the National Warplane Museum. 

Cayman Cigar Company specializes in premium cigars, which contain top-quality whole leaf tobacco, and are entirely hand-rolled. While Cayman Cigar Company currently uses the highest-quality tobacco sourced from small growers throughout the Caribbean, exciting plans are underway to introduce a ultra-premium cigar made with tobacco grown in the Cayman Islands.  The company employs two Cuban born and classically trained Master Cigar Rollers to handcraft each of its premium cigars.

Cayman Cigar Company offers a range of cigars suited for all cigar lovers, from curious beginners to experienced connoisseurs. Many of the company’s customers say that Cayman cigars are the closest to Cubans they have ever smoked. Cayman Cigar Company’s Sovereign Collection in particular is tailor-made for cigar lovers frustrated by the time and cost involved in finding Cuban cigars for purchase. The collection features three unique tobacco combinations ranging from smooth and balanced to medium-bodied to bold. Each cigar in the Sovereign Collection is available in either a 5.75 x 44 Corona size or a thickly proportioned 5.75 x 50 Robusto.

Cayman Cigar Company premium cigars are available online at Shipping is even free for customers who live in the United States. 
For more information, please visit

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