An Aficionada Inspires Elegance

The SOTL Global Movement has officially launched its program that will certify Women Friendly Cigar Lounges.

On Aug 25th 2022, at an event that was held in Homer Glen IL, the SOTL Global Movement awarded owner Kal Naz and his lounge “THE SMOKERS KINGDOM” with the 1st ever such certification for the cigar industry.

The hosts, SGM Founder Dr. Anastasia Psomiadi and Chief Development Officer Lefty Karropoulos, were proud to launch this program that will demonstrate how important it is to recognize cigar lounges that have a Women-Friendly culture.

The event was sponsored by Emperor’s Cut Cigars whose owner Temi Kinnard proudly presented her cigars to all the guests. The crowd also had the opportunity to digitally connect with a some of the official supporters of the SOTL Global Movement, including:

  • Cynthia Fuente – Fuente Companies
  • Romy & Fouad Kashouty – Hiram and Solomon Cigars
  • Carrie and Ismael Rodriguez – B.A.M.F. Cigars
  • Desiree Slyver – Drunk Chicken Cigars
  • Patricia Khalaf – Casa Aficionado
  • Leonor Abzaradel – Nova Cigars

SOTL Global Movement is an organization whose goal is to introduce more women to the cigar world, to inspire and lead them to extraversion, to empower them to raise their voices, to motivate them to create cigar communities, and in collaboration with men, to develop a better environment for aficionadas and aficionados. SOTL Global Movement is planning a lot more events globally. For more information visit us on Facebook, find us at  or email us at

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